Can I work for a cabinet minister or party leader?

Members of Cabinet and party leaders are not eligible to host an intern.

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How bilingual do I need to be?

Fluency in both official languages in not a requirement, but a working knowledge is important. The internship is a great opportunity for both francophones and anglophones to improve their second language skills, not only in the workplace, but also through social interactions among fellow interns and office colleagues.

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I am interested in politics but don’t have a political science degree. Should I still apply?

Yes. Just like the varied backgrounds of Members of Parliament, interns hail from a variety of academic disciplines. A demonstrated interest in politics is definite must, as is a commitment to teamwork and respect for others.

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What is it like living in Ottawa?

Ottawa is an exciting city to live in because there are always a variety of cultural events going on and endless outdoor sporting activities to enjoy.

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What kind of hours will I be expected to work?

Interns are expected to work regular office hours, but when the House is in session, life on the Hill does not end at 5pm. Like most professional work experiences, interns get out of the internship as much as they are willing to invest in it. Interns are not permitted to take other paid employment for the duration of their internships.

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What would I be doing on a daily basis in a MPs office?

It all depends on who you work for, the size of their Ottawa office staff and what legislative priorities exist for the office. When the House of Commons is in session, tasks might be oriented towards committee research or speeches. When the House is not sitting, constituency related affairs may become a bigger focus for an intern.  

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Who picks the MPs I will work for?

Based on a list of interested Members of Parliament, interns interview all interested MPs and their office staff. With advice from the Programme Director, interns select their office placements based on their own policy interests.

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