Information for Members of Parliament 

Parliamentary Interns work closely with their MPs and their staff. They often assist with committee work – reviewing reports, meeting with advocates, drafting questions and assisting in pre-committee and committee meetings. They prepare questions and speeches, write editorials and press releases, and help draft Private Members Bills. MPs often invite interns to visit their constituencies, where they are called on assist with casework, public consultations and community meetings.

All Members of Parliament representing official parties are eligible and encouraged to apply for support from a Parliamentary intern. Application forms are normally distributed in August each year.

Following group interviews, each intern selects one MP in government and one in opposition,  for whom they will work during two separate placements. The first placement is usually from the beginning of October to the end of December, and the second placement is usually from the beginning of January to the end of June.

In the current Parliament, there are five interns with Liberal MPs, three with Conservative MPs and two with NDP MPs during each allocation period.

MPs 2018-2019

The Parliamentary Interns, the Parliamentary Internship Programme and its stakeholders thank all the MPs who applied for interns this year and, most especially, those hosting interns in their offices.

During their second allocation period (January 23 – June 30, 2019), the allocations are:

  • Rachel Blaney, North Island — Powell River (NDP)
    • hosting Fregine Sheehy
  • Terry Beech, Burnaby North — Seymour (LPC)
    • hosting Sarah Crosby
  • Matt DeCourcey, Fredericton (LPC)
    • hosting Eleanor Davidson
  • Matthew Dubé, Beloeil — Chamblay (NDP)
    • hosting Emma Lodge
  • Sean Fraser, Central Nova (LPC)
    • hosting Guillermo Renna
  • Stephanie Kusie, Calgary — Midnapore (CPC)
    • hosting Grégoire Saint-Martin-Audet
  • Rob Oliphant, Don Valley West (LPC)
    • hosting Nicholas Doiron
  • Michelle Rempel, Calgary Nose Hill (CPC)
    • hosting Delphine Ducasse
  • Blake Richards, Banff — Airdrie (CPC)
    • hosting Andrew Walker
  • Arif Virani, Parkdale — High Park (LPC)
    • hosting Laura Fernz

During their first allocation period (October 2 – December 14, 2018), the allocations were:

James Bezan, Selkirk—Interlake—Eastman (CPC)

  • hosting Eleanor Davidson

Daniel Blaikie, Elmwood—Transcona (NDP)

  • hosting Sarah Crosby 

Dr. Colin Carrie, Oshawa (CPC)

  • hosting Guillermo Renna

Julie Dabrusin, Toronto-Danforth, ON (LPC)

  • hosting Grégoire Saint-Martin-Aude

Nathaniel Erskine-Smith, Beaches-East York ON (LPC)

  • hosting Emma Lodge

Greg Fergus, Hull—Aylmer (LPC)

  • hosting Fregine Sheehy

Andy Fillmore, Halifax (LPC)

  • hosting Andrew Walker

Karen Ludwig, New Brunswick Southwest (LPC)

  • hosting Delphine Ducasse

Murray Rankin, Victoria (NDP)

  • hosting Nicholas Doiron

Bev Shipley, Lambton-Kent-Middlesex ON (CPC)

  • hosting Laura Fern








“The Parliamentary Internship Programme is an exceptional program that offers a work-study experience for university graduates while at the same time providing Members of Parliament with the highest qualified assistants. These non-partisan interns participate fully in the parliamentary process and contribute to our Canadian democracy. I have been fortunate to have the opportunity to work with many of the interns during my time as a Member of Parliament and cannot stress how valuable an asset this program is to Members’ offices.”

James Bezan, MP


“The Parliamentary Internship Programme is a truly extraordinary initiative. I do not know who benefits more, the MP or intern; the interns experience a truly unique opportunity, while the MPs have the privilege of working with young men and women who will make a real contribution to their work. I have had the good fortune to work with many Parliamentary Interns over the past few years and I sincerely believe that this is one of the most positive experiences for me and my team. We have stayed in contact with the interns after their departure and it is always interesting to support them and follow their careers. I strongly recommend the program.”

Hélène Laverdière, MP

Laurier-Ste Marie

“As a former Parliamentary Internship Programme intern from the class of 1994-95, I am personally familiar with the benefits and opportunities that this program gives young Canadians while working for Members of Parliament here in Ottawa.  I have long been a supporter of PIP and since being elected in 2015, I’ve had the benefit of having 2 PIP interns work in my office.  Both interns provided me with invaluable, professional and unmatched non-partisan research, writing and office support.  The quality of the candidates who become PIP interns, selected through a highly competitive national process, means that only the “cream of the crop” are selected.  This is evidenced by the work I’ve seen them perform in my office but also in the research projects they undertake and that I have been happy to support and promote.  PIP was essential to my education and training, and allowing me to get where I am today and I would encourage all MPs to participate in this program and would encourage all young Canadians with an interest in Government to apply.”

Arif Virani, MP

Parkdale-High Park