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Every year, Members of Parliament welcome Parliamentary Interns into their offices and give them an opportunity to participate in Canadian public life and politics. Their experience gives the interns unique insight into the practice of politics and the political side of government. In exchange, interns bring a strong sense of professionalism, advanced training, dedication and discretion to assist MPs with legislative work, communications, constituent issues and office support.

MPs 2016-17

The Parliamentary Interns, the Parliamentary Internship Programme and its stakeholders thank all the MPs who applied for interns this year and – most especially – those hosting interns in their offices. 

During their second allocation period (Jan 23 - June 30, 2017), they are: 

  • Arnold Chan, Scarborough—Agincourt (LPC) - hosting Michael Forestell
  • Pam Damoff, Oakville North—Burlington (LPC) - hosting Joshua Regnier
  • Andy Fillmore, Halifax, NS (LPC) - hosting Claire Sieffert
  • Sheila Malcolmson, Nanaimo—Ladysmith, BC (NDP) - hosting Astrid Krizus
  • Murray Rankin, Victoria, BC (NDP) - hosting Skeena Lawson
  • The Hon. Michelle Rempel, Calgary Nose Hill, AB (CPC) - hosting Anna Rotman
  • Alain Reyes, Richmond—Arthabaska, QC (CPC) - hosting Matthew Blackshaw
  • Blake Richards, Banff-Airdrie, AB (CPC) - hosting Ryan van den Berg
  • Don Rusnak, Thunder Bay-Rainy River, ON (LPC) - hosting Jeanette Carney
  • Ruby Sahota, Brampton North (LPC) - hosting Alec Boudreau 

During the first allocation period (Oct 3rd - Dec 23rd, 2016), they were: 

  • Greg Fergus, Hull—Aylmer, QC (LPC) - hosting Matthew Blackshaw
  • Nathan Cullen, Skeena—Bulkley Valley, BC (NDP) - hosting Alec Boudreau
  • Luc Berthold, Mégantic—L’Érable, QC (CPC) - hosting Jeanette Carney
  • The Hon. Erin O’Toole, Durham, ON (CPC) - hosting Michael Forestell
  • Ali Ehsassi, Willowdale, ON (LPC) - hosting Astrid Krizus
  • Ginette Petitpas-Taylor, Moncton—Riverview—Dieppe, NB (LPC) - hosting Skeena Lawson
  • The Hon. Denis Lebel, Lac-Saint-Jean, QC (CPC) - hosting Joshua Regnier
  • Joël Lightbound, Louis-Hébert, QC (LPC) - hosting Anna Rotman
  • Guy Caron, Rimouski-Neigette—Témiscouata—Les Basques, QC (NDP) - hosting Claire Sieffert
  • Arif Virani, Parkdale—High Park, ON (LPC) - hosting Ryan van den Berg

MPs applying for a Parliamentary Intern

All Members of Parliament representing official parties are eligible and encouraged to apply for support from a Parliamentary Intern. Application forms are normally distributed in August each year and may be requested at any time. 

The interns, as a group, interview all applicants - usually in the last two weeks of September - before choosing the MPs for whom they will work during two separate placements. Each intern will select one MP in Government and one in Opposition. In the current Parliament, the group must ensure that there are five interns with Liberal MPs, three with Conservative MPs and two with NDP MPs during each allocation period.

In the Office

Parliamentary Interns work closely, in confidence, with “their MPs” and their staff. They often assist with committee work – reviewing reports, meeting with advocates, drafting questions and assisting in pre-committee and committee meetings. They’ve prepared questions and speeches, written editorials and press releases and even helped draft Private Members Bills. MPs often invite interns to visit their constituencies, where they are called on assist with casework, public consultations and community meetings.

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