The Parliamentary Internship Programme is an initiative of the Canadian Political Science Association (CPSA) that operates on Parliament Hill under the auspices of the Speaker of the House of Commons. The CPSA appoints a Director who manages the Programme with the assistance of an Advisory Board that brings together all of its stakeholders, including the:

The Director reports to the CPSA Board and is solely responsible to them for Programme management. Both the House of Commons and the CPSA work closely with the Director in providing essential part-time administrative support for the Programme.

The Programme is supported through the intellectual, in-kind, and financial contributions of its stakeholders. It would not exist without the engagement of Members of Parliament who welcome interns into their offices each year. It receives essential in-kind contributions from the House of Commons and the CPSA and financial contributions from Programme sponsors. Friends of the Programme contribute to specific Programme activities.


Annual Reports

The annual report introduces the interns and their MPs. It describes the interns’ work, projects, training, and outreach activities, then provides a summary of program management and strategic planning as well as a financial update. It concludes by presenting next year’s interns.

Read the Annual Report 2023-24 (PDF)

Archived Annual Reports:


Anti-Harassment and Discrimination Policy

The Parliamentary Internship Programme does not accept harassment or discrimination in any form. The Programme recognizes that an individual’s experiences are based on multiple identities that can be linked to more than one ground of discrimination. We expect all stakeholders, including interns, to uphold the highest standards in all of their interactions.

For more information, please read our Anti-Harassment and Discrimination Policy. 

Alf Hales, MP from 1957-1974
Photo: © House of Commons, 1973