2018-2019 - Welcome to the Parliamentary Internship Programme!

Meet the 2018-2019 Interns

Meet Our Alumni

The record of achievement built by PIP alumni in the public service, academe, business, civil society, journalism and the legal profession is testament to the important role that PIP plays in developing the potential of exceptional young Canadians.

Message from Director

The ten interns will take part in one of the most comprehensive postgraduate work-study experiences in Canada. They will work closely with Members of Parliament on both sides of the House.

Research Corner

As part of the academic component of the Programme, interns complete an original research paper on an aspect of Parliament or Canadian politics.

Interns select a topic and conduct their research under the supervision of the Programme Director drawing on their unique access to people on Parliament Hill and the resources available through the Programme.

Each year, interns present “close-to-finished” draft versions of these research papers in June at a special public seminar. The Jean-Pierre Gaboury Symposium, named after the Programme’s longest-serving Director, is organized in cooperation with the Institute on Governance.

All ten of the interns’ final papers are eligible for the Alfred Hales Prize. The Prize is awarded each year by the Institute on Governance for the best paper written by a Parliamentary intern. The prize-winning paper is selected by representatives of the Canadian Political Science Association, the House of Commons and the Institute on Governance.

Prize Winners

Claire Sieffert Awarded the 2018 Alfred Hales Prize

Congratulations to Claire Sieffert! Claire was awarded the 2018 Alfred Hales Prize by Karl Salgo of the Institute on Governance. Claire received the award at a luncheon in June 2018 hosted by the Honourable Geoff Regan, Speaker of the House of Commons. Her paper, and those of past winners, may be downloaded here: