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The record of achievement built by PIP alumni in the public service, academe, business, civil society, journalism and the legal profession is testament to the important role that PIP plays in developing the potential of exceptional young Canadians.


Message from Director

The ten interns will take part in one of the most comprehensive postgraduate work-study experiences in Canada. They will work closely with Members of Parliament on both sides of the House.


Every year for the past 48 years, the Parliamentary Internship Programme has welcomed 10 young professionals to Parliament Hill from September through June. The paid, non-partisan interns are selected through a national competition. Each intern works full-time for both an opposition and government Member of Parliament. During their internship, Parliamentary interns meet with senior policymakers, diplomats, journalists, scholars, politicians, and leaders in civil society. The interns take part in academic seminars, write an innovate academic research paper, share their knowledge of Parliament with young Canadians, and take part in legislative study tours to Québec, Brussels, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Nunavut.

Research Corner

As part of the academic component of the Programme, interns complete an original research paper on an aspect of Parliament …

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Welcome to the Hill

The first few days of October remind us that we have been on Parliament Hill for one month…already! Alors que la nouvelle …

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Meet Our MPs

Parliamentary Interns work closely with their MPs and their staff. They often assist with committee work – reviewing reports, meeting …

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Meet Our Sponsors

Sponsors and Friends A shared commitment to young Canadians and the quality of Canadian democracy inspires the private and public …

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Meet Our Interns

Thanks to the inspiration and dedication of Alf Hales, the PIP has so far provided almost 400 young Canadians with the experience of …

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Director’s Welcome

Welcome to the new website of the Parliamentary Internship Programme!

I am thrilled to introduce the 2017-18 Parliamentary Interns: Patrick Butler, Ronald Hoffman, Emily Jensen, Ross Linden-Fraser, Alex Miller-Pelletier, Andrew Merrell, Avnee Paranjape, Kim Paradis, Aurélie Skrobik and Rose St-Pierre. They are an amazing group and a joy to work with.

The ten interns will take part in one of the most comprehensive postgraduate work-study experiences in Canada. They will work closely with Members of Parliament on both sides of the House. They contribute directly to public life through workshops with young Canadians and initiatives such as Samara Canada’s Everyday Political Citizen project.

Interns meet and discuss public affairs with some of the country’s leading thinkers and policymakers during brown bag lunches. As they study politics on the Hill, they are also given the opportunity to undertake comparative research during study tours within Canada and abroad.

The program is a fantastic learning experience and a tremendous stepping-stone into academia, the private sector, and the public service. Its many supporters – the Canadian Political Science Association, the House of Commons, friends and sponsors, Members of Parliament, and the robust Parliamentary Internship Alumni Association – have built the program’s rich legacy.

Please follow along as the 2017-18 Parliamentary Interns share their experiences through the PIP blog, Facebook, Twitter, and their innovative research papers.

Thank you for visiting our site,

Dr. Anne Dance, Director
20 September 2017

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