Thanks to the inspiration and dedication of the late MP Alf Hales, the Parliamentary Internship Programme has offered more than 520 young Canadians the experience of a lifetime. The significant contributions of former interns to Canada and the international community through academia, public service, and industry are a lasting testament to important role the PIP plays in developing the potential of promising young Canadians.

Melanie Bartosh – Hiawatha, ON

  • BA (Government and International Relations), George Mason University
  • JD (Specialization in Aboriginal Law), Allard Law School at University of British Columbia
  • Masters of Law, Osgoode Hall at York University

Benoit Dupras – Amos, QC

  • BA (International Relations and Economics), University of British Columbia

Philippe Fleury – Sherbrooke, QC

  • BA (International Relations and International Law), Université du Québec à Montréal
  • Masters of Sustainable Territorial Development, Université Paris 1 : Panthéon-Sorbonne

Madeleine Martin – Gatineau, QC

  • BSS (Conflict Studies and Human Rights), University of Ottawa
  • Masters of International Studies, Université de Montréal

Nathan Mendel – Halifax, NS

  • BA (Philosophy), McGill University

Nikhil Pandeya – Oakville, ON

  • BA (Political Science), Western University
  • MA (Political Studies), Queen’s University

Sarah Rollason-MacAulay – Winnipeg, MB

  • BA (Global Japanese Studies and International Relations), Meiji University

Alyth Roos – Ottawa, ON

  • BA (Political Studies), Queen’s University

Nina Sartor – Mississauga, ON

  • BA (History), McMaster University
  • MA (History), McMaster University

Sonja Tilroe – Edmonton, AB

  • BA (Anthropology), Mount Royal University